Blaze grew up in San Diego, CA, where he immediately developed an interest in drawing and the outdoors. His father, a biologist, introduced him to surfing and sparked a curiosity to explore and observe the natural world. After lifeguarding, surfing, and playing water polo through high school, Blaze south northern waters, attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and working in the Bay Area after graduation. The raw energy and teeming ocean up north was more exciting, and was a departure from the parking lot and Starbucks waterfronts of Southern California. 

Blaze starting taking his art seriously at this point, but after being rejected from a gallery for a showing, realized he need to rethink how he approached his work. Drawing from experience in graphic communication, urban design, and environmental sciences, he started drafting detailed drawings to illustrate different processes and show the earth in levels. He is continuing this work today, creating pieces for commissions, industry clients, and for personal enjoyment. 

Clients + Collaborations

ABAG, Farias Surf + Sport, Traveler Surf Club, Del Mar Lifeguards, Patagonia, Cyrus Sutton, Surfride, Camp Shred, NVS Surf Fins


The Inertia, Waves and Woods Magazine, PaperSea Quarterly, Surfers Mag, Nordic Surf Mag