Are you taking commissions? +

Yes, but currently on a limited basis. We can certainly discuss commissions and your idea for a personalized piece but I'm more focused on commercial projects at the time.

Do you design custom tattoos? +

I do not do custom tattoos. That being said, you are more than welcome to bring an existing piece of mine (that you find on Instagram or this website) to your tattoo artist and have them reproduce the piece. Please provide attribution if you do this.

How long does it take to ship prints? +

I'm currently living in Portugal and prepare and ship prints from here with a printer that I work with. Shipping times to the United States can vary greatly but most people receive their orders 2-3 weeks after ordering, occaisionaly 4. Please let me know if you have an order that you need to be expedited.

Do you work on commercial projects? +

I do! Fill out the form and get in touch to discuss.

My print arrived damaged, what do I do? +

I try really hard to pack things safetly but sometimes accidents seems to still happen. If you have a damaged piece, shoot me a message with the Order# and the damaged pieces. I'll ask you to send me some photos of the damages and to retain the package. We will then discuss logistics of sending replacement work.

I'm sending a gift to somebody, can I customize the order? +

If you're sending a gift and would like to have it personalized (gift notes, omitted order receipt, etc), let me know!


Other prints/products? Commissions? Collaborations? Comments? Let's talk.

Shoot me an email via the form on the right and I will be sure to get in contact with you.